Who Is The Square Route Partnership?

To grow as a successful organisation where we work together making best use of our individual skills and expertise. To deliver excellent outcomes and to have a positive impact for our clients.

To deliver the best solution to meet the needs of our clients and to ensure that they achieve their goals and exceed their expectations.

To promote our areas of expertise and skills, to identify opportunities for our company and to deliver successful projects.


To achieve outstanding results.
To become a recognised provider
To be innovative and not afraid to take risks.
To build a strong future for our company.

Our philosophy is to offer a professional, efficient and effective service in a way that is best suited to each client.

To achieve this we will ensure that we take the time to get to know you – who you are, what your aims are and the nature of your corporate culture – how do you like to operate?

We are committed to getting to know not only you but also getting right to the heart of your project. Working strategically with you we will ensure that the project brief is developed and finalised with a view to achieving the best possible outcomes.

Here at The Square Route Partnership we have a range of skills and expertise that complement each other. You and your project will benefit from this across the areas of, tourism, golf and business growth.

As individuals and collectively, we take pride in what we do and nothing will make us prouder than delivering your project and achieving your aims.

We will always operate with the best interests of our client in mind and to these values:

Quality driven

With more than 60 years combined experience in our fields we can deliver on projects.

We will work in harmony with you to ensure that your goals are achieved and that your project is a success.

Together and individually we have successfully delivered a range of excellent projects with outstanding results, many of which are award-winning.

Meet Our Team

Allan Minto
Allan MintoManaging Partner
Allan is an experienced tourism consultant specialising in golf. Through working in both sectors for the past 41 years he has developed an extensive knowledge in the business of golf, tourism and established a wealth of high quality industry contacts. Allan is a former Director at Golf Tourism Scotland. He was also the inaugural recipient of the Golf Tourism Scotland Gold Star Award in 2012 for Contribution to Golf Tourism in Scotland.
Elaine Carmichael
Elaine CarmichaelManaging Partner
Elaine has extensive experience in business development in the tourism, heritage and arts sectors. For the past 16 years she has operated a business development consultancy focusing on providing innovative solutions to organisations seeking to improve their performance and generate income from commercial sponsorship, fundraising and events. She also offers strategic marketing solutions from conception through to implementation.

Some of Our Clients